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LIGHT (2024)

LIGHT is Outatime Films' first feature - an ultra low budget sci-fi movie - now available on streaming in the U.S. and U.K. 

After crash-landing in an escape pod on a dark and misty planet, a mother is hunted by an alien creature which is drawn to the lights she must use to find her missing son.


Watch the trailer below or learn more HERE


We are currently seeking an experienced Producer and funding partners for our next project - a low budget sci-fi movie set predominantly around a poker table:

Logline: In a dystopian future where people have become currency a desperate group of people enter a poker tournament where they must gamble years of their lives instead of money.

The movie is fully scripted and pre-vized


Contact us at for more information.

Early poster concept art
We are a UK-based independent film production company, focused on low budget genre movies.
LIGHT is our first produced feature film -
watch it now in the US and UK on streaming platforms.

For information about any of our projects, contact us at
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