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COMING 2023...

A woman named Niu crash-lands in an escape capsule on a dark and misty planet. She immediately sets out searching for other survivors, including her young son, Luccas, quickly discovering that there is life in the fog - and that the lights on her suit attract it. With a limited supply of oxygen, Niu has to race to get to her son before the creatures. 

But as Niu encounters other survivors, it starts to become clear that things are not what they seem - and that there are even worse things in the mist... 
LIGHT movie poster


Chrissy Randall
Gia Lily
Anna Swan
"E.D.F. Officer"
Tedroy Newell
James Woollard
Written & Directed by 
M.K. Woollard

Produced by
David A. Bradley
M.K. Woollard
Trailer Coming Soon!
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