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LIGHT (2024)


LIGHT released in select cinemas in the U.S. and is available on streaming in the U.S. and U.K. NOW

After crash-landing in an escape pod on a dark and misty planet, a mother is hunted by an alien creature which is drawn to the lights she must use to find her missing son.





Christine Roche
Gia Lily
Anna Swan
"E.D.F. Officer"
Tedroy Newell
James Woollard
Written & Directed by 
M.K. Woollard

Produced by
David A. Bradley
M.K. Woollard
LIGHT was filmed on an extremely small budget, which meant a lot of limitations: Two main actors only, a couple of day players, a single indoor shooting location, and less than ten days to get it all done.

The idea was to create a planet with a misty atmosphere, which allowed us to shoot in a small space without the characters having to be confined to a room in-story - and with the added bonus that it would be a naturally claustrophobic setting. A few bags of sand, some prop rocks, a smoke machine and some lights were all we had to create a planet. 

In terms of inspiration, we looked to ALIEN and ALIENS for the look and tone - as so many sci-fi horror films do. We also tried to do for light what A QUIET PLACE did for sound – i.e. put our characters into a dark environment with a creature that attacks sources of light, and then have the characters need to use lights to escape.
LIGHT was made almost entirely in-house at OUTATIME FILMS - everything from the costumes to the props; the editing to the sound design/mixing; the colour grading to the visual effects. 

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